December 1, 2023



All you need to know about COVID-19 is in this website.

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1.  How to read the COVID chart.

As of today, there are 8 confirmed cases, there are 2 deaths and 1 recovered, (subtract recovered plus death cases from confirmed cases to get the number of COVID positive patients) 8-3=5.  As of yesterday, we have 5 COVID positive patients, 1 suspect and 1 PUM (Person under monitoring).

2.  Non-Disclosure of Patients Identities

The Makati COVID Medical Council will not disclose the names and addresses of patients.  Gated villages houses are meters apart, so there is no need to lock down the whole street, which is a big advantage to us compared to condominiums where whole floors are totally locked down.  That is why they are strongly enforcing the STAY HOME directive so that neighbours will not mingle and run the risk of infecting each other. 

3.  Mandatory Wearing of Mask City Ordinance 2020-089 

People in Makati are to wear masks at all times in public area. First offence :P1000.00, Second Offense : P3,000.00 , Third Offense : P5,000.00 or 1/2 year imprisonment.  Please be informed that in Dasmariñas Village, sidewalk belongs to the Homeowners’ Association and is not the property of lot owner but public conveyance.  It is mandatory that people OUTSIDE their house perimeter wear masks or face penalty.  

4.  COVID Testing

There are two types of testing, PCR and Rapid Test (which is more suitable to recovered patients to determine antibodies in their system).  It is risky to have technicians from lab come into the village because we donn’t know now and if the technicians have been exposed to COVID patients.  Testing has to be done in a controlled environment.  Tests kits needs to be handled properly or the results many not be accurate or inconclusive.  It is recommended that if you are symptomatic or you just simply want to know, please go to any testing facilities accredited by DOH such as Makati Medical Hospital, St. Lukes Hospital and others. The DOH is targeting to accredit 58 more COVID-19 testing laboratories by the end of May. 



Punong Barangay


If you suspect that you have coronavirus disease (COVID-19),

Please call 168 or (02)8236-5790.

An ambulance and personnel in protective gear
will pick you up.

Do not go out of the house to prevent possible transmission
of the virus.

CLINIC NO.: 88172105 at 88123335 local 105