December 1, 2023

DVA Homeowners’ Association



Barangay exists to implement the laws of the country and city, provide social services and settle disputes among constituents.


DVA exists to manage the village’s security, repairs and cleanliness. DVA exists to manage the village’s security, repairs and cleanliness.  DVA collects association dues.  


Tanods: The tanods are persons/agent-in-authority appointed by the elected official.  Tanods are akin to community police.  
They have the power to arrest. 
• Tanods desk is where constituents report disputes.  Blotters are filed as incident reports with the Tanod’s desk.  After which, the case
will be elevated to the Lupon Tagapamayapa who will adjudicate. 
• Tanods enforce Anti-Drug Abuse Laws. 
• Tanods also help direct traffic outside EDSA and in Pasay Road.  
• Tanods clears illegal vendors from the perimeters of Barangay Dasmariñas
• Tanods are trained to be part of  Barangay Health Emergency Response Team and Barangay Energy Response Team.  
 They are the first line responders where community security, safety and health are concerned.  
• Additionally, the barangay has a VAWC (Violence against Women and Children) and a CICL (Children in Conflict with Law) desks.

Security Guards : The security guards are civilians but considered as auxiliary of PNP.  They can also arrest but it is considered Citizen’s Arrest.

As DVA owns the village sidewalks and road lots, DVA security is in charge of manning the gates, controlling ingress and 
egress, issuing car stickers and regulating sidewalk parking. 


Barangay has a conduction ambulance and a disaster vehicle.

Barangay Dasmariñas has a disaster preparedness plan approved by the City Government.  Since barangay has been classified a low risk disaster area, we conduct disaster preparedness seminars for Tanods, Maintenance, as well as constituents such as: 
• First Aid & Basic Life Support
• Typhoon & Flood
• Fire Fighting including Fire Drills (sometimes with DVA fire fighting unit)
• Earthquake
• Early Warning System Enhancement Cumulating Activity
• Barangay Health Emergency Response Team

DVA owns a firetruck and has a contract with Lifeline ambulance.  DVA also has a disaster preparedness plan. 


Barangay Maintenance cleans creeks, sweeps 70% of the streets, mists the streets and residents home during dengue season and goes 
house to house placing larvae traps for testing to find the source of mosquitoes. 

DVA has their own DVA maintenance crew in charge of beautification, clean-up and repairs and maintenance of the village.

DVA repairs and maintains the road.


Barangay Environmental Desk issues clearances for tree cutting and trimming based on the guidelines given by the City Government’s Department Environment Services which is then turned over to DVA Maintenance.
• Barangay gave out indoor and outdoor green trash bins.
• Barangay conducts Baratilyo to collect junk which can be converted to money. 
• Barangay also collects PET bottles and converts it into eco bricks and other article.

DVA is responsible for the garbage collection and trash bag distribution. 


Barangay pays electricity for street lights for the following streets:
Half of Tamarind, Pasay Road, Amorsolo Street, Palm Avenue, Barangay Hall from security to half of Campanilla Park barangay side. 

Street lights electricity is paid by DVA except from the ones that Barangay pays. 


Barangay manages Senior Park.

DVA manages Mahogany and Campanilla Parks and the Pavilion. 

DVA manages the basketball court, tennis court, and gym.


Barangay prints its own circular to announce barangay-related news, viber group chat and website.
DVA has its own circular, text blast, website  to announce DVA-related events. 
DVA also publishes the Gazette which includes news on both DVA and barangay events. 


Barangay maintains a clinic with doctors, a dentist and a nurse.  Clinic hours are M-F, 8:00AM-5:00PM.  Consultation services are free. 
• Barangay conducts annual check up for residents and employees, free flu, pneumonia, hepa-B, polio vaccine shots,  Barangay
also conducts paps smear and digital rectal exam. 
• Barangay clinic holds seminars on water borne diseases such as dengue, leptospirosis, other diseases such as rabies, communicable 
and non-communicable diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV-AIDS, TB-Dots.  After clinic hours, our tanods are trained to handle 
emergency response response. 
• Barangay is involved with annual dog and cat registration and vaccination.
• Barangay is in charge for services for Seniors and Persons with Disabilities.  Barangay issues Senior and PWD cards and conducts
activities like free tai chi lessons and lakbay saya outings within the city. 
• Barangay holds community activities like Easter, Halloween, Assembly Day, Diskohan for the Household Staff, Youth Barkadahan for the
residents.  During Summer Break, Barangay conducts free summer activities for children and teens like dancing and arts, basketball clinic.
• Barangay offers workshop and seminars to residents and staff alike such as flower arrangement, hair cutting, cooking,etc. 
• Barangay issues barangay clearances for personal and business purposes. 
• Barangay issues barangay IDs to avail of free barangay services
• Barangay conducts one stop shop for the convenience of residents to secure Postal IDs, Birth Certificate, remit SSS, Philhealth, Pag-Ibig,
• Barangay Dasmariñas together with Comelec also conducts voters’ registration from time to time. 
DVA manages a small post office inside the village.


Barangay has a LUPON Tagapamayapa group composed of LUPONS of reputable standing in the community.  Along with the barangay secretary, they settle cases in the barangay level.

The list outline of DVA’s responsibilities covered here merely represents a brief overview of what DVA’s responsibilities to its residents. For more comprehensive information about DVA, please inquire with association.